Ondine King, Nash Court Stud

Becky was recommended to me by a trainer I respect. She is more than living up to their recommendation and I look forward to continuing to use her on all of the stud’s competition horses.

Katerina Cox

Becky has been giving my two dressage horses’ regular treatments to keep them soft and supple in their competition training this year. She has made sure my horses were at their best at regional dressage qualifiers and consequently the British dressage national championships. There was a massive difference in the way they felt to ride after Becky did her magic. A win in a Prix Saint George area festival final straight after my horse received one of her massages says it all.

Anita Cook A.C.Breaking

Becky is very thorough, quiet and respectful of all the horses she has treated for me from young thoroughbreds to a little Exmoor pony. All the horses have responded well to both Becky and the treatment she gives and show improvements in their ridden work soon after. Becky has also treated my own ex racehorse who has had on going back problems and with two visits from Becky the issue has resolved which has not happened with any other form of treatment. I will remain using Becky for the foreseeable future and regularly recommend her to other yards.

Sapphire Bond

Becky came to give my horse, Orio, a McTimoney treatment and massage as I hoped it might help him relax, he had been unusually tense and unsettled since moving to a new yard. During the treatment Becky used a gentle approach and was incredibly patient with Orio, letting him respond to what she was doing in his own time. Almost immediately after the treatment there was a noticeable difference in his behaviour and he had clearly released the tension that he was holding- finally relaxing for the first time since moving to the new yard. Since then, he has remained calm and relaxed, and seems much happier in himself.

Rachel Doddrell

Our dog Jess, a Shih Tzu, is very wary of strangers and does not take well to them at all. However, on arrival, Becky immediately came to Jess’s level by sitting on the floor with her and, guided by Jess’s attitude, very quickly made her and I feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Jess absolutely loved the McTimoney treatment and massage which really is quite remarkable for her and emphasises how comfortable and happy we both felt with Becky. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others and to use her again

Rachel Wesley

My typically active Springer Spaniel, Emma, suddenly stopped wanting to jump in the back of my partner’s 4×4, she also looked crooked through her body. Before I went down the vet route I decided to contact Becky in the hope that she might be able to help. After two treatments Emma was back to her usual self and even refused to allow us to help her into the car, leaping in by herself. I have no doubt, that with her Spaniel antics, I will be using Becky again!