McTimoney could be the answer you are looking for…

McTimoney is a form of physical therapy that treats the whole body and restores symmetry to the musculoskeletal system. It is a gentle but effective technique that is very well accepted by animals. When combined with massage and techniques that release tension, animals not only benefit from it physically but many find it very relaxing and enjoyable.


Signs your horse may benefit from a treatment:
– Unexplained loss of performance
– Bucking, rearing or napping
– Being stronger on one rein than the other
– Dislike of being girthed, mounted or even groomed
– Behavioural changes
– Difficulty building topline
– Assymetry of muscles
– Unusual tail carriage
– Uneven shoe wear
– Changing legs or becoming disunited in canter

– Struggling to rise from being led down
– No longer wanting to jump in or out of the car
– Reluctance to play or exercise
– Changes in behaviour or energy levels
– A dislike to being touched
– Asymmetry of muscles
– Uneven claw wear
– A loss of performance or obedience in working or agility dogs
– Changes in their movement or posture
– Audible expressions of discomfort